Shweta Mangal Took Ziqitza Healthcare To The United Nations

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Shweta Mangal Took Ziqitza Healthcare To The United Nations

shweta mangal

A social entrepreneur, a healthcare pioneer, a philanthropist and the co-founder of MUrgency and Ziqitza Healthcare Ltd, Shweta Mangal has established herself as one of the leading entrepreneurs in India. She is well-acknowledged for achieving great results in her career, which has spanned over several years.

Shweta Mangal has made a significant impact in emergency medical sector, playing a pivotal role in changing the outlook of the industry. She has reached a different paradigm after her brilliant speech on the role of private healthcare providers in expanding access to affordable and quality maternal healthcare at the UN General Assembly, held in New York on September 25, 2012. It was a proud moment not only for Shweta Mangal, but for everyone associated with the Ziqitza family.

Shweta Mangal highlighted the crucial role of private healthcare providers, mainly Ziqitza in ensuring access to quality maternal and emergency healthcare, especially in the weaker sections of the society. She also talked about the contribution required from the government and other private players to deliver quick and best healthcare to one and all. Shweta shared her own experience with the audience about bridging the gap by partnering with the government and increasing access of people to the lifesaving emergency care through cross-subsidized model.

The forum offered a great opportunity to Shweta to talk about the journey and vision of her organization. Shweta grabbed the opportunity with both the hands and took the international audience through the roller coaster on the biggest world stage. It proved to be instrumental in making her the most sought-after person in the emergency healthcare industry.

Since her speech at United Nations, Shweta has found herself at the forefront healthcare and startup events and conferences. She has gone an extra mile to bolster the emergency medical sector in many ways. Her overall excellence has been well-acknowledged in the form of various prestigious awards and accolades bestowed upon her.

Ms Shweta Mangal Co-Founder of Ziqitza ZHL delivering a talk at United Nations General Assembly


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