How Former CEO Of Ziqitza, Shweta Mangal Is Striking The Right Balance Between Motherhood And Entrepreneurship

shweta mangal
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How Former CEO Of Ziqitza, Shweta Mangal Is Striking The Right Balance Between Motherhood And Entrepreneurship

shweta mangal

There are thousands of women entrepreneurs in India, each with a different story to tell. Stepping out in today’s competitive world and dominating an industry takes a lot of courage and determination, especially if you are a Mompreneur.

The most difficult thing for a women is to create a balance between motherhood and business. Although the perspective has changed, challenges are still aplenty. From managing the household needs to helping the team at work. From ensuring proper nutrition for the baby to being relevant on job, Mompreneurs like Shweta Mangal, Former CEO of Ziqitza, sacrifice a lot to bring out the best in them.

The conundrum which Shweta Mangal faces is no different than what most of the Mompreneurs deal with every day. “Motherhood has taught me a lot. I was aggressive and impatient. But, the things have changed drastically,” she says.

It is not only about managing the time, but also about being disciplined to overcome the challenges in both the endeavors. The biggest challenge is investing the energy in the right things at home and office for maximum productivity.

There is no doubt that the women entrepreneurs need support from their team as well as the family members. Shweta Mangal is fortunate enough in this regard. “My mother and my husband have influenced my thoughts and my working style. They always support and believe in my decisions,” she says.

Shweta Mangal has successfully created a venture that contributes to the society and impacts the lives of the people. But, according to her, it is important to keep evolving to be successful.

“It’s a very competitive world that requires a lot of dedication and positivity to keep moving forward and evolving every day,” she equips.

Starting a company is not much different than having a baby. It’s like beginning with an idea and laboring to turn it into a reality, then dedicate yourself to help it grow and flourish. Both are the most rewarding and fulfilling experiences in one’s life.

Mompreneurship, according to Shweta Mangal is all about focusing on every moment and showing up each day. It’s about being there, when others get tired. It’s all about following the planner religiously to strike the right balance between motherhood and entrepreneurship.

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