Shweta Mangal is One Of “50 Outstanding Women in Healthcare”

shweta mangal
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shweta mangal
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Shweta Mangal is One Of “50 Outstanding Women in Healthcare”

shweta mangal

Shweta Mangal, the co-founder of Ziqitza Healthcare Ltd and Director of MUrgency Inc. is a well-known figure in the emergency healthcare industry. Born with a vision and courage to tread on an uncharted path, Shweta Mangal has changed the landscape of a sector almost single-handedly, with great determination and zeal.

Shweta Mangal

Shweta Mangal being recognized as one of “50 Outstanding Women in Healthcare” by World Health Congress.

From a passionate young lady, to the ex CEO of Ziqitza, Shweta Mangal has come a long way. She comes across as a woman who went an extra mile to bolster the country’s medical emergency sector. In a successful career spanning several years, Mangal has established herself as one of the leading women entrepreneurs in the country.

During her journey, Shweta Mangal has been conferred with many awards and accolades for the exemplary work in the emergency healthcare sector. However, it was in 2017 that the young entrepreneur was included in the list of top 50 outstanding women in healthcare. The award that was presented to her, was based on a comprehensive research. It was recognized by imminent jury, consisting of senior professionals, leaders, researchers and academic committee from across the globe.

The criteria adopted in preparing the list, included knowledge of the healthcare environment, strategic perspective, future orientation, track record, compliance, integrity and ethics, ability to foster sustainability, patient-centered care, work in interdisciplinary teams, employ evidence-based practice, quality improvement and utilize informatics.

The summit organized at Taj Lands’ End, Mumbai, was attended by delegates from diverse sectors, including hospitality, tourism, health and wellness, beauty, finance, medical, manufacturing and technology, along with a number of attendees from other sectors across the globe.

This was not the first time that Shweta Mangal was recognized for her efforts. The journey of Shweta Mangal has been all about coming through the numerous hurdles to achieve numerous feats, while realizing her dream of improving the lives of the people.

Mangal has followed a set of mantras like right attitude, passion and will power to face the challenges and come up with emergency healthcare startups like Ziqitza healthcare limited (zhl) and MUrgency. Both the companies have taken decent strides in the last few years. While Ziqitza has become one of the leading emergency medical service providers in the country, with more than 33000 ambulances in 17 states. MUrgency has made its own mark in the country’s healthcare industry, bridging the gap between emergency healthcare and the patients in need of the same.

Having achieved more than what she would have intended to, Shweta Mangal believes in putting her heart and soul for leaving a legacy behind. She has now set her sight on turning MUrgency into a global app, available to every connected citizen across various countries.

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