How Shweta Mangal Created Her Own Legacy to Make a Difference

shweta mangal
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14th February 2019
shweta mangal
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26th March 2019
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How Shweta Mangal Created Her Own Legacy to Make a Difference

sweta mangal

Entrepreneur: Shweta Mangal

Business Name: Ziqitza Healthcare Ltd, MUrgency

She’s a mother, daughter, wife, and an entrepreneur. The journey of Shweta Mangal started from Rajasthan, when she decided to tread on an uncharted path. She was ready to face the challenges with patience and determination to change the landscape of a sector, almost single-handedly.

Shweta Mangal, along with her fellow entrepreneurs started an ambulance service to provide emergency medical assistance to the people, especially the unprivileged. Her efforts to improve the lives of the fellow countrymen resulted in the formation of Ziqitza Health Care Limited (ZHL).

After turning her startup into one of the leading emergency healthcare providers in the country, she soon came up with MUrgency Inc (a global emergency response network). A mobile app that connects people with the nearest doctor, nurse or paramedic for emergency medical assistance.


How did you get the idea to start an emergency medical service?

The idea to start an emergency medical service came up, when my friend Shaffi’s mother choked in sleep at midnight and didn’t get any emergency medical assistance. For me, starting with an ambulance service was a good option. There was nothing to lose as I was single and financially sound. I thought of giving it around two years, but there was no looking back once we launched Ziqitza Health Care Limited (ZHL). I built it from the scratch, which is very satisfying, because earning more was never my goal, it was all about making an impact.

For MUrgency, I had a vision to make use of technology to cut down the time of providing medical assistance to the patients. A mobile app was perfect for this venture to connect a nearest medical assistance provider to the patients at the time of emergency.


What role does technology play for your startup?

With a phone and a Wi-Fi connection, sky is the limit for anyone. At Mayo Alumni Meet, I found so many people doing online businesses now. Technology has made a whole lot of difference. Similarly, technology plays an important role in my startup. A person makes a call through a tap on the MUrgency mobile app, which enables him to get an immediate medical help within a short span of time. It is convenient for patients as well as the responder.


What was the reaction from your family when you first decided to become an entrepreneur?

I always had the backing of my mother, who shaped my childhood in a different way. In 1997, I went abroad for studies, only because of her support. The independence taught me to make decisions from an early age. Both my mother and my husband have backed me to do whatever I have envisioned.


Please share Ziqitza Healthcare & MUrgency with our readers in detail.

Ziqitza Health Care Limited is one of the leading emergency medical service providers in the country, with more than 3500 ambulances. The ambulances are operated under two models ­­­­- Cross-Subsidy (for the unprivileged) and Public-Private Partnership. Ziqitza has already served more than 10 million people across 17 states in the country.

MUrgency is a mobile app that connects people in need of emergency medical help to the nearest doctor, nurse or paramedic. The venture is supported by the Forum of Young Global Leaders, Harvard University — Asia Center, MIT Sloan Global Health & Stanford Change Labs and is a member of UNDP Business Call to Action. MUrgency launched a pilot in Punjab in Feb 2016.


Your philosophy of life in a sentence.

Do everything to leave a legacy behind you.


Tell us about your future plans.

I hope MUrgency becomes a ‘Global App’ available to every connected citizen for quick medical care.


What advice would you give to someone starting out?

Where there is a will, there is a way. Verbalize your dream and put constant efforts to make it true. Don’t give excuses and never work according to expectations set by others. You know how to go about your business better than anyone else.

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