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grinding polishing with a power trowel

In our Ladies department we offer wide selection of the best products we have found and carefully selected worldwide. Pellentesque habitant morbi tristique senectus et netuss.


For the past decade, we have applied our knowledge and experience to create one of the worlds fastest powertrowel based polishing system using our highly successful Revolution Rotary System which creates the perfect planetary movement, ideal for grinding, honing, and polishing.

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Power Trowel Polishing Offers Faster Concrete Decor

These power trowel systems for grinding and polishing arent capable of duplicating everything conventional diamond grinders can do, such as leveling the floor. If you want to grind the floor level, there are other ways to do that, Snyder says, such as using a heavyduty diamond grinding

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Advantages of the Runyon Power Trowel Polishing System

Today, using a power trowel system makes polishing concrete a breeze its efficient. Power trowel polishing has an average labor reduction of 75% compared to traditional planetary grinding. In addition, you minimize your average tooling cost per square foot. While not suitable for all concrete jobs, power trowels are a worthy investment.

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Trowel Shine transforms your power trowel into a planetary grinding and polishing machine, and you can achieve the desired concrete finish, from matte to glossy, times faster compared to traditional polishing. The Trowel Shine tool holders feature rotating head technology and flexible foam for an even tool wear and perfect balance.

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Concria Trusted professional power trowel grinding and

Power troweling the concrete is the choice of the professionals. Concria is the creator of the original power trowel grinding and polishing system for concrete floors. We offer diamond discs and chemicals for concrete worldwide. With our Concria's tools, you will get highquality results fast.

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Floor polisher HCR TROWEL POWER Floor grinder

The new HCR discs set new standards for grinding and polishing with a power trowel. They are extremely flexible and allow the highest finish even on very undulating floors. HCR1. HCR3. HCR2. HCR4. Produce a superior finish. The new HCR discs make you achieve a polished concrete floor at an unprecedented speed and with a highend finish.

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